Sunday, January 16, 2011

52 Tastings - Week 5 : Time for some Acid

Acid, Acid, Acid, we learned a very important wine pairing lesson about the importance of acid and not the illegal kind.  I made a great chicken curry with sweet potatoes and like most curries it had a ton of spice and fresh ginger so I choose a Pinot Gris to pair with the food because of the acid and overall refreshing quality of the wine.  Here is the lesson learned…

We sat down to eat, took a bite of the food and a sip of the wine, and suddenly we became quiet trying to examine the pairing.  Disappointed with both the food and the wine, we tried to figure out what went wrong.  Was it the sweet potatoes, the slightly-overcooked chicken, were the spices a little old, or was the wine just totally wrong?  It tasted flat.  My husband blamed the sweet potatoes.  I assumed I picked the wrong wine.  It stumped mom because she loved the Pinot Gris with the salad.

I suddenly remembered I forgot to add the fresh lemon juice!  I rushed out to my lemon tree.  I plucked a lemon, cut it open, and happily squeezed fresh juice on our curry.  After another bite and one more sip, again silence, then glee!  It was the acid; we needed acid to brighten up the food, and to make the wine come alive.  Suddenly the sweet potatoes sparkled.  We could taste the fresh ginger and the wine was bright and crisp again!  So lesson learned, don’t forget the acid.  Acid is a wine and food pairing gift!  Ok now on to my tasting notes and menu.

King Estate Signature Collection Pinot Gris.  Oregon 2009.  Retails for $13.99 found at BevMo!

Nose:  lemon/lime, racy acid, tangy, mineral, very Sauvignon Blanc-ish
Taste: oily on the back end, tangy, zesty acid, light and refreshing, easy to drink, makes you think of summer.  It paired very well with the salad, and as I said earlier it was defiantly a magic pairing with the curry!  Great buy!  Remember to go with Pinot Gris not Grigio, and get a Gris from Oregon, or France for good quality.  It you want to know the difference between Gris and Grigio I have a posting about that, look it up in the topic index.

Course #1
*Mixed green salad with apples and pomegranate vinaigrette

Course #2

Sweet Potato Chicken Curry

with basmati rice

*mix of greens including arugula and red cabbage
  1 whole granny smith apple cut in bit sized peices with skins on   
  ¼ cup cranberries
  Handful walnuts (toasted)
   2 or 3 celery stalks cut in bite sized pieces
  Commercial pomegranate vinaigrette
Serves 4

Cheers, and Enjoy!

Please feel free to leave any comments on the meal or tell me a wine and food lesson you learned recently.







  1. Like how you added a pic of the wine and food this time, great idea!

  2. Thanks! I know it helps me to see what things look like, so I figured it would help out other too!