Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wii & Wine: Week 3: Exercise does not always equal weight loss

This week I have decided to only include my meals and wines without reviews.  I figured this post was already long, so I will be writing up a separate post about any fantastic wine and food pairings I had during the week.  Again, I am still playing with the overall format of this series, thanks for your patience. So please read and enjoy!

Day : 15
Broccoli, Cheese, and Chicken Casserole with a salad.  This is the lighten-up version of my mom's recipe which is our family favorite comfort food.
Exercise:  1 hour 15 min Cardio Box Class at the YMCA

Day : 16
Dijon Croque Monsieur with green beans.  Only make this recipe if you have a non-stick pan, otherwise this sandwich will become a horror story.
Exercise: 35 min Wii NFL Training Camp and 30 min Wii Fit as a warm-up

Day: 17
Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt from a local place Blue Agave.  They use blue agave as a sweeter in the plain flavor, a great healthy touch.
Exercise: 35 min NFL Training Camp with 20 min Wii Fit as a warm-up

Day: 18
Meal exchange with my sister Chicken with capers and a potato and brussel sprout salad
Exercise: 20 min Gold's Gym Cardio and 30 min Wii Fit

Day: 19
Risotto with porcini mushrooms and mascarpone and a poached egg on a bed of mixed greens.  Wine: Sand-Reckoner Rose and Lulu B. Chardonnay
Exercise: 35 min NFL Training Camp

Day: 20
Homemade hummus and cheese crisp and raw veggies with hummus (this hummus is so freakin' good)
Exercise 40 min Wii Biggest Loser Challenge

Day: 21
Mom's Chili with cornbread Wine: Apothic Red
Exercise: walk to dog before football time.

So how did I do?
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  1. Yay, I got my claim to fame:) How did you like the brussel sprout salad, I forgot to ask. I thought it was pretty good considering I have never liked brussel sprouts.

  2. Yes, Melissa you are now in the official exchange meal provider! And yes I did like the sprouts considering I do not like them much either, the whole texture of the salad was really good actually. Thanks for writing in a comment:)