Monday, January 30, 2012

Wine Lover's Approved Sangria

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Sangria gets a bad rap among wine lover's.  I am not sure why, except if you buy the store bought stuff, which is nasty and just a step above kool-aid.  The homemade wine punch can be quite delicious and very refreshing.

I love my mom's sangria and always have.  It was the drink of choice at my wedding, and every Forth of July celebration I look forward to gulping it down while playing pool volleyball.  Plus, if you are every gifted Merlot or cheap wine, the best solution besides getting a new friend, is make some sangria.

I have made a handful of other recipes, but I always come back to my mom's.  Living in the Valley of the Sun, sangria can be pretty much enjoyed year round.  Hence, I just whipped together a batch this past weekend to serve to my family at my son's birthday party.  And the best part, I put to use those lemons and oranges on my tree and my huge lavender bush to good use.

And the lavender lemonade is amazing!  That was a happy accidental addition to my mom's recipe.  My husband was making the lemonade for the nonalcoholic drink and had about a cup left that would not fit in the pitcher.  I tasted it, then added a shot to my the sangria I had in my cup, and ohhh it was good!  You can eliminate that ingredient if you want, just add an extra lemon and a bit more sugar.  But I highly recommend you add the lemonade!

Hey, being a parent for five years, is worth a celebration.  And a celebration calls for great company and good booze.  Well here is the recipe, please enjoy and cheers!


3 Liters of cheap red wine (I use Merlot, and by cheap I mean the stuff you would be embarrassed to be seen with).
1 cup Triple Sec
16 oranges
8 lemons
1 green apple
1 cup sugar
1 cup lavender lemonade

1.  Cut half of the oranges and all the lemons and green apple into thick slices then quarter them.  Add the fruit to a very large ice tea pitcher.  Add the sugar and gently mash until all the sugar is mixed in.
2.  Pour the wine, and triple sec on top, stir gently.  Next juice the remaining oranges and add to the pitcher, along with the lavender lemonade.  Stir and set aside overnight or at least 8 hours in the fridge.  Stir again before serving and pour over ice and enjoy!

Thank you and enjoy!


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