Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Chocolate Lover's Wine, Valentine's Day, and a Twitter Tasting

Valentine's day, an annual rush to show people that you love them, but only if you shower them with over priced gifts.  Gotta love modern society, only if you buy your loved ones an expensive gift do you reveal your true feelings and love.

Since I have been married for almost 14 years now, and have a child, Valentine's day has long lost its allure for both me and the hubby.  We have mutually decided, without really saying so, that we both really don't care about Valentine's day anymore, gift wise.  I can't think of the last time we exchanged gifts, yet, we always create a nice meal together to show our love and commitment.  And now it includes our little guy.

Last Tuesday, was a family cooking affair.  My son and I mixed and baked the cheesecake cupcakes in the afternoon.  He loves to bake, and for the same reason we all do, the lovely treat of licking the spoon once you are done.  But actually he is good help.  For the main coarse, the husband and I worked together while sipping on some of the Chocolate Shop wine I received as a media sample.  Dinner was simple, hassle free, healthy, and delicious.  A perfect way to celebrate Valentine's day in my book.

And speaking of the wine, I received two bottles of Chocolate Shop Red Wine, from Thirsty Girl, as part of a live twitter tasting I participated in Wednesday the 15th.  Yes, you know I am a thirsty girl.  I am not a novelty wine drinker however.  I would rather spend my money on real wine, but since I was asked to participate, and received the wine for free, I figured I had nothing to lose.

Chocolate Shop is not a serious wine, by any stretch of the imagination yet, it is a simple treat to sip.  The blend is based on red wine grapes such as Merlot, Syrah etc, yet the exact blend is still unknown since they did not revel the exact grapes during the tasting event, it is a proprietary secret.  They blend in natural dark chocolate prior to bottling the wine to maintain the freshest chocolate flavor.  An interesting concept for sure.  I had never tasted a chocolate wine before, the whole idea really scares me.  If I want chocolate and wine, then I usually grab a bar of dark chocolate and wash it down with a glass of Port.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by this wine, because it was drinkable and not total crap like I figured it would be.

The wine actually paired very well with our meal, and was an excellent sweet balance with the dessert as well.  I also had a glass after dinner, and it was a great way to cap off the night.  During the twitter tasting, many skeptics (like me) were also pleased that the wine was tasty and drinkable, and not a sticky sweet, syrupy mess.  Many tasters liked the idea of pairing the wine with savory dishes, because it would help to taper the sweetness in the wine and provide a nice counterbalance.  Below I will include some of my tweets along with some from others who I believe had really great ideas.  All in all, this wine is a good quaff, nothing amazing, nothing disgusting.  Any sweet wine lover, would really dig this wine, and I could also see it as a great party wine, or as someone suggested, it would make a killer sangria.

Here are the tweets, followed by the menu I served on Valentine's day.  Enjoy!


*Wine Harlots Ok. The Harlot was a little afraid of the red chocolate wine as a concept. But in reality, it's tasty, a perfect book-club wine

*Great idea!  @ChocShopWine would taste great if added to a chili or beef stew for depth of flavor

*Great WITH ice cream....just a drizzle on it. 

@DirtCheapWine: its like a tootsie pop in a bottle. <adult tootsie pops....like it 

*This would be wonderful with a fresh summer berry tart.

*@ChocShopWine pairs well with mushroom brie & sourdough bread: the smooth savory cheese nice counter to the sweetness of the #wine.

* @ChocShopWine like pouring a nice red wine on top of a bowl of Cherry Garcia ice cream.

*Yes, it also works wonderfully with dried cranberries & cherries. 

* A sweet cherry nose for sure, kinda like those chocolate covered cherries they sell like crazy at Christmas time and works GREAT with strawberries! 

*The aroma is very Hershey's bar, very inviting


Thank you and enjoy!


  1. I love this post... especially where you said the wine wasn't total crap like you thought it would be. :)

  2. Thank you Denise! What can I say, I am an honest gal. Glad you discovered my blog and posted a comment. Cheers!