Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wii & Wine : A super week followed by a Super Sunday

Here is my weekly dinner menu followed by my weekly thoughts.  I enjoyed wine more this week, and had some incredible pairings!  Enjoy!

Day 29
Photo by Ben Ely Photography
Pan Seared Tilapia with a citrus vinaigrette with a couscous salad and steamed broccoli served with Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand
Exercise: 1 hour 15 min cardio box class at the YMCA

                 Day 30
Ranch Steak Bruschetta salad.  A very good salad for steak lovers.
Exercise: 40 min Wii NFL Training Camp

                Day 31
Chili Pasta and Beans with a simple salad.  Cut down on the spice if serving to kids, and add more once the kid portion is served.
Exercise: 40 min Wii NFL Training Camp and 20 min Gold's Gym Cardio

                Day 32
Grilled adobo pork chops with rice and steamed broccoli.  Exchange meal with my sister, the pork was really yummy!
Exercise: 40 min Gold's Gym Cardio Box

                                                                                Day 33
Singapore Mai Fun with roasted asparagus served 2009 Adler Fels Gewurztraminer from Anderson Valley California.  A perfectly balanced pairing!  Magic pairing, so I will do a separate post on the recipe and the wine.
Exercise: 40 min Wii NFL Training Camp with 14 min Wii Fit as a warm-up

                                                                               Day 34
Fajita Beef salad served with 2009 Garnacha de Fuego old vine Granache from Spain, (pictured above).  This is one of my husband's favorite salad's, I have been making this for years.  The wine is a nice, easy sipper for about $8.
Exercise: none
                                                                               Day 35
Super Bowl Sunday!  Not a fan of either team but a fan of football so of course I watched it.  I made our football favorite, Super Nacho and served it with Segura Viudas Aria estate Brut cava from Spain.  Another winner!  Again I wrote a separate post with the recipe, click on the super nacho link above.
Exercise: 30 min Wii NFL Training Camp and 10 min Gold's Gym Cardio Box

The rest of this post can now be found on my weight loss blog faithforfood.blogspot.com.
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