Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wii & Wine : The video blog post: Weight loss success is more than a number.

Welcome to my first video blog post or my Wii & Wine series!

As you know I love to write and find it very therapeutic, however to mix things up a bit I decided to record a video post.  I figured some subjects need a little visual representation to fully get my point across.  So, every now and then to spice thing up, I will throw in a video post for your enjoyment and education.  Thank you and enjoy!

Wow that is a great face!  Sure glad they used that one.  Kinda like whenever you pause a movie, the actor are always making the most stunning gorgeous faces.  Anyways, please share your comments below, on pintrest, twitter, Google +, or facebook.   Yes, be quite, I really do have that many social profile sites!   But it is mostly for the blog:) Cheers!


  1. Loved the video!!!
    I can totally relate and it was very encouraging!

  2. Thank you Sandrine! Glad you enjoyed the video, it was fun to make. And I am very happy it was encouraging. Thanks for the comment, cheers!

  3. Great job, you spoke well (clear), no babbling or slurring (much better than I would have done)

  4. Thanks Melissa! Well I did do several takes, but it is still go to know I did not sound like an idiot. Glad you enjoyed.