Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wii & Wine : When did being curvy become a nice way to tell someone they are fat?

Hard to believe it's been six weeks!  Here we go, my weeks worth of meals and wine pairings along with an inside look at what is going on in that brain of mine!  Enjoy.

Day: 36
Tuscan White Bean soup with a simple salad.  This soup was even better the second day for lunch!
Exercise:  1 hr 15 min Cardio Box Class at YMCA

Day: 37
Chipotle Burger with Slaw, this burger has a great kick in the pants with the chipolte!  I served the meal with extra slaw on the side and with veggies straws not chips.
Exercise: 45 min Wii NFL Training Camp and 15 min Wii Fit Plus

Day: 38
Dijon mustard chicken fricassee with a glass of Gumdale Chardonnay from Australia  (pictured here).  This was an excellent pairing and an excellent fruit forward clean Chardonnay.  I found it at Total Wine
Exercise: 20 min Wii Fit Plus as warm-up and 25 min Gold's Gym Cardio Box

Day: 39
Barbecue pork sandwich with steamed broccoli, exchange meal with my sister
Exercise: 1 hour 3.5 speed walk on treadmill and 20 min yoga DVD

Day: 40
Herb rubbed steak with a parsnip puree.  Pair with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon
Exercise: 40 min Wii NFL Training Camp

Day: 41
Kid's birthday party, so pizza, veggies, and fruit with a dip.
Exercise:  20 min Wii Gold's Gym Cardio and 40 min NFL Training Camp

Day: 42
Skinny Rubens and beets at mom's house.  We paired it with Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling from Washington, a lovely pairing.  The hint of sweetness in the wine played perfectly with the sauerkraut in the sandwich.
Exercise: none

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