Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wii & Wine: A week's worth of healthy and delicious recipes with an exercise bonus

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day a week early on Sunday with a terrific meal at my sister's house.  She made a super amazing slow cooked brisket, which made for an amazing Ruben.  The Guinness gave the beef a juicy and coffee like infused flavor that was lovely.  So if you are not heading out to the bars the St Patty's day, I highly recommend the brisket dish.  Big bonus, it is also healthy!  My other recommendation is the Albarino, so refreshing.  It may just replace Sauvignon Blanc as our house white.  Most of the veggies i cooked this week were from two booths our our local Avondale farmer's market.  This is the time of year to get out there and support your local markets, everything is so fresh and beautiful.

Here you go, a week's worth of healthy and delicious menus.  Enjoy.

Day: 64
Garlic and Chive pasta with a poached egg and fresh tomatoes, served with sauteed beet greens.  Recipe coming soon, this meal was outstanding!
Exercise:  1 hour Cardio Box with Vicki and a new 30 minute core class

Day: 65
Mixed salad greens with cranberries and almonds with a apple cider dressing
Exercise: 45 min Wii NFL Training Camp

Day: 66
Citrus roasted salmon on a bed of cauliflower puree and sauteed farm fresh rainbow chard
Exercise: 1 hour Wii NFL Training Camp

Day: 67
Exchange meal: Veggie Pad Thai
Exercise: 30 min Gold's Gym Cardio

Day: 68

Total Wine for $11.99

Fennel Two Ways with Fennel Roasted Sea Bass with grilled potato wedges and a simple salad dressed with grape-seed oil, a squeeze of lemon and champagne vinegar.  Served with a lovely glass of Spanish Albarino  A terrific, zesty, and acid driven wine, perfect with the meal and a recommended buy (pictured to the right). Magic Pairing.
Exercise: Finished my 60 Day Challenge with the Wii NFL Training Camp!

Day: 69
Pulled Pork Sandwich at Waldo's BBQ restaurant in Mesa.  The pork was fantastic!
Exercise: 60 min of my new exercise game: Exerbeat.

Day: 70

Available everywhere for around $12
Guinness braised slow cooked beef brisket Rubens (wonderfully made by my sister) with a side of cauliflower and Chateau Ste. Michele Riesling.
Exercise:  walk the dog

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