Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Barriers are meant to be broken and Arizona wine has finally broken through the 90 point Wine Spectator barrier!!

Wine makers and Arizona wine lovers have been waiting very, very patiently for this well deserved day.  The day Wine Spectator finally awards this oh so fabulous wine from the great state of Arizona, a score in the 90's.

And I can say, it is here, it is here, Wine Spectator 90s for Arizona. Yay!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Page Springs Cellars and Burning Tree Cellars both scored 90 for their 2010 Colibri vineyard wines. Colibri is located in the heart of the Chihuahua Mountains just south of Willcox.  PSC: 2010 Colibri Vineyard Syrah Clone 174 Cochise County and Burning Tree: 2010 Colibri Vineyard Syrah Clone 99 Arizona are the two 90 point winners.  

Two fabulous winemakers and wineries, who not only deserve this score but earned it!  And I hope this is only the beginning and more yummy Arizona wine earns 90's scores because I have tasted more than my fair share of Arizona wine and the list should and will be longer.  This is a huge, wait, massive step to legitimize Arizona wine as a real deal wine crafting region to the world.  We Arizona wine fans, naturally knew the wine was amazing, yet we have been waiting for those all too important critics to agree with us.

Nice work and congratulations go to Eric Glomski and company (Page Springs Cellars) and Mitch Levy and Cory Turnbull (Burning Tree Cellars).

The future is wide open and I can just taste the excitement now!  Plus, I have heard a number of Arizona wine makers will be featured in the late August issue of Wine Spectator.  Very cool indeed.

If you would like to learn more about these two wineries please click on the following links below.  

Thank you and enjoy.


  1. Congratulations
    I am so proud of you guys
    Bob Webb (R W WEBB WINERY)

  2. You make us proud.
    Dave and Linda Bonham
    Tough Country Winery